About me

“When strong emotions become trapped and suppressed within the body’s tissues, they become a form of toxic energy. As those unprocessed emotional stagnations continue to block the natural flow of Qi, they begin to create stagnant pools of toxic energy within the body’s tissues” (from the ancient Chinese Medical Qigong book).

About 10 years ago I had lower back pain, chronic forehead sinusitis, I started acquiring more and more allergies, and my blood pressure was going up, so my doctor told me that I had to go on medication. Although there was nothing majorly wrong with my health, I noticed that I started adding painkillers to my weekly shopping list, and I had to find a bigger space for my medicine cabinet. I had more days when I was in pain than without, and my life was spiralling into misery. I realised that I stopped noticing the seasons change, I forgot what pure joy was like… and my doctor was offering me even more drugs. I knew something had to change, but what?

I understood then that traumatic experiences and stress were the major factors that were affecting my quality of life. As I was living in the UK, I started researching and learning evidence-based therapies and counselling, NLP, Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching – the most advanced techniques in Western society. I noticed one thing, that the majority of the modalities only worked with one’s mind. Although they did provide a certain amount of improvement and symptom relief, something was still amiss. When I felt anxious, I felt this uncomfortable feeling rising in my chest, no were near my head. I realised then that the human health puzzle was still missing some pieces, so I continued my studies.

The first time I learned about Chinese Medical philosophy when I was in the spa in Italy. Since then, I have done extensive research (and gained few qualifications on the way) into Eastern healing practices and alternative medicine modalities. As I continued on my journey of discovery I noticed that the back pain I had for years had gone, I no longer had chronic forehead sinusitis, and the allergies were gone too. My blood pressure is healthy now, and I no longer need to take the medication (my doctor told me that I will have to take blood pressure medication for life). I found the answers, and I would like to share them with you, so you can live a pain-free, stress-free and fulfiled life.

– Ruta Gabalis (the founder of Qi Centre)

Ruta Gabalis in the woods