Alternative Medicine for ADHD and Autism

Specialised training for parents  of children with ADHD and Autismfrom the Alternative Medicine’s perspective

Children with ADHD and Autism are special. If these children were born a thousand years ago in China, they would most likely have been seen as gifted for their 6th sense – the ability to feel the energy from other people and the environment. I have spoken with many parents of children with Autism and ADHD, and one thing they mention that comes up every time; is that their child gets uncomfortable, agitated, overwhelmed or suddenly tired in the group of people, in the supermarket for example.

Have you ever wondered why? According to Eastern philosophies, every person is born with an energetic layer of protection. Most people have a dense layer; others are born with a porous one meaning that the energy from the environment (other people’s positive or negative energy and emotions) seeps right through. So, when they are in a crowded place, they suddenly get this onslaught of other people’s energy and emotions, which can be very overwhelming, especially for a child. People who master their gift, on the other hand, can become very perceptive and intuitive, after all, they are using an additional sense to assess the world.

How can Alternative Therapy help?

Reiki is one of a gentle yet powerful energy healing technique which helps with relaxation, improves sleep, reduces stress and anxiety, balances body and mind as well as delivers deep healing. Learning how to channel Reiki is simple, and I can teach you, the parent, so you can help your child; you can give them treatment at bedtime or whenever they need soothing.

As a person who has a porous protection layer, in the last couple of years, I have undertaken extensive research into a variety of Eastern healing practices as well as Western psychotherapy treatments, looking for answers and something that would help for someone like me to live a normal life.

Alongside Reiki, I will teach you a range of other energy activating and balancing techniques and methods (qi massage, breathing techniques, healing sounds, movements) so you can help your child to find the balance in their lives and develop their special gift.

Reiki and other techniques can be used alongside any ADHD traditional therapy or Autism Therapy. Many Autistic children would not like to be touch and, therefore, alternative treatments such as massage, acupressure or acupuncture would not be suitable for them. Reiki, although it is described as “hands-on” treatment, does not require touching and can be done over a distance making Reiki an excellent option for treating even “grumpy” teenagers. 

To find out more about Reiki and the research behind it click here 

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