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Energy healing works on the premises that our bodies have an innate ability to heal. Our bodies/minds do not care about our happiness or if we are content or feel pain, our bodies/minds are only interested in our survival. 

From the energetic medicine perspective (which is based on quantum physics) the body’s cellular systems internally regulate themselves via communication through the encoded messages; which are continuously sent and received on a biochemical-electrical level. It is through this unique system of energetic communication that healthy cells accurately replicate. However, if the message becomes “distorted”, the misinformation will cause the cells incorrectly repair themselves. This can cause damage DNA to create copies of itself onto newly formed cells. In this way, each new cell will become damaged; and the continuously replicated mutations can give birth to a variety of illnesses, including cancer. Failures in energetic transformation also affect and distort chemical and electrical messages between the different types of cells in the body (blood cells, tissue cells, nerve cells and so on.

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About energy healing

A lot of people have a misconception that the energy healer will heal them by the magic touch of their hands. If you have read the above, you will probably understand by now that this is not the case. I will help to remove the interference (neurological pattern)  which was developed and stored by your conscious mind and affects the subconscious control of your body. I will also provide the extra energy if needed via Reiki and your body will do all the healing. However, if you were to decide to go back to the same old patterns of bad eating, excessive drinking, lack of exercise/movement, having not enough rest, incorrect breathing and negative thinking patterns,  you will end up where you started.  This means that if you like to stay healthy, you will be required to put the work in to correct your old patterns.

Under Western medicine, we have become accustomed to taking a pill, sitting back and waiting for the healing to happen. Under the Energetic Medicine healing programme, you will be initially required to attend 1-6 sessions for the first 4 weeks and practice the techniques between 0.5-3 hours per day depending on your illness/condition and its severity. Further sessions will be determined based on your condition and ability to practice at home.

But who can benefit the energy healing?

Energy healing is for anyone who is tried the traditional Western medicine and see no improvement; would like to combine conventional Western medicine with Energy healing to achieve the best possible results or is fed up of being overstressed, overtired, overweight and in pain (physical or emotional). And for those who seek improvement i offer 2 types of programmes: energy healing and integrative therapy.

Energy healing programme

The energy healing programme includes:

Integrative therapy programme

This integrative therapy programme includes:

Programmes' costs

Check below the prices for both programmes and have in mind that for those who are determined to get better but cannot afford the cost, the reduced rate will be offered.

Energy Healing

Integrative Therapy

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