Colour vibration classification

Emotions are like a tree, can have deep routes or can change with seasons
Sun shining through tree branches

The variety of colours that can be observed in the Energy Body’s Aura Field we can interpret according to their density and tone. When analysed, specific colours emanate consistent energetic frequencies and wave forms. So, what do the colours mean?

Red Colour is associated with physical and material forces. When the Red colour dominates, it indicates materials orientated state of being.

Pink colour is a combination of lowest energy frequency (Red), combined with highest energetic frequency (Purple). Therefore, pink indicates the achievement of perfect balance between the spiritual life and the material existence.

Orange colour indicates change, adaptability, spontaneity, and strengthens’ one’s concentration. Orange colour usually contributes to energetic manifestation.

Yellow colour can be used to engender joy, freedom, contentment and non-attachment. The yellow colour can be used to energise the body’s Earth element Qi.

Green colour indicates a peaceful demeanour and compassion, and intends to dominate in natural born healers (i.e. the stronger the colour, the more powerful the healer).

Blue colour indicates that an individual is living a balanced lifestyle, has calm and relaxed nervous system, and able to handle multiple conflicts and many stressful situations.

Indigo colour can be used to energise the body’s Water element Qi. It is traditionally associated with higher spiritual intuition, and psychic power.

Violet (reddish-blue) has the shortest wavelength of all visible colours and is associated with spirituality, mysticism, intuition, psychic abilities, and enlightenment.

White colour is equivalent to energetic distortion and represents the lack of harmony between the body and the mind.

What colour did you see during your meditation today?

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