Life Coaching

Would you like to have a 30 minutes free consultation? Let’s talk and see if my approach is right for you.

People look for Life Coaching for many reasons: career change, relationship upgrade, learning how to communicate better, spiritual growth or simply they are just not happy with their life right now and don’t know where to start to change it. What’s your reason?

I am a qualified psychologist and I also hold certifications in hypnotherapy, NLP, life coaching and alternative therapies. I changed my career in the past too; believe it or not, I used to be (and I guess still am) a qualified accountant. Once or twice before I was also standing at the crossroads without knowing what direction to take and I didn’t want anyone to know that I was struggling. I took the path of studying, training and research. I met many wonderful and wise people on my journey and I learned from them and my studies. I am here today to help you to overcome any limiting beliefs you have and build the future you are craving for, find meaningful connections and, perhaps, even find your life purpose.

With every session, you will become more centred and confident while also gaining knowledge about what is right for you, what your true values are and if there is a conflict that prevents you from moving forward. I offer a welcoming environment whether it is in person or online where you can be honest and feel safe.

Every life coach has a different approach because of their individual background, training and life experiences. Would you like to book a 30 minutes free consultations to see if my approach is right for you?

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