Therapy and Counselling

Would you like to have a 30 minutes free consultation? Let’s talk and see if my approach is right for you.

Sometimes life is tough and we find ourselves being “stuck” in a thought or behaviour pattern and  feeling hurt. Now and then our logic tells us we shouldn’t feel this way. At times we find ourselves in a situation where it feels like we are failing to communicate effectively with the loved ones or we simply lack in confidence to speak in front of an audience. Whether it is something from your past that holds you back or you have difficulties in coping with the present situation, or perhaps, it is something in the future you are aiming for? Therapy and counselling can help.

While working with me, my clients learned how to manage stress and anxiety and deal with anger issues.  They dealt with traumatic or negative experiences, improved communication and developed an understanding of how to create and maintain meaningful relationships. They built their confidence and self-esteem up, improved their life and figured out life or career direction. 

Every person is individual, and in my therapy and counselling approach, I apply and combine various Western therapies, NLP, Life Coaching techniques and Eastern Healing practices that I deem to be the most beneficial for my client. With every session, you will become more centred and confident while also gaining knowledge about what is right for you. I offer a welcoming environment where you can be honest and feel safe. 

Would you like to have a 30 minutes free consultation? Let’s talk and see if my therapy and counselling approach is right for you.

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Therapy and Counselling
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Caring approach